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Barbaras Simple Life

Barbaras simple life is a blog about minimalism and simple living. And about reducing possession, gaining happiness and life quality. Let my simple lifestyle inspire you and declutter your own life. An easy life is the focus on what makes you happy instead of owning a lot. Health, economy, philosophy or nature protection are examples why you might choose living simplicity. Minimalism instead of materialism is the key to live simply. Have less – be more.

Barbara Willen

Simple Life

…with a Tiny House

A blog about my Tiny House life in Swedish Lapland. Read about my arctic lifestyle in and around my tiny house on wheels. Get an impression of how I declutter my daily life and why I am happy by simple living. Why I am more with less … ⇒ read more

…with Huskies

In this blog, I give you a glimpse in my life with huskies. Get to understand how a husky behaves in his pack and why he loves cold winter and snow. Can you imagine how sled dogs teach simplicity?… ⇒ read more

… on Trail

Nowhere else I experience minimalism more than in my backpacking life on trail. Throw an eye into my hiking blog and follow me on my ultralight thru-hiking and outdoor adventures … ⇒ read more

…being Alone

In this blog I reveal why I draw strength from being alone in solitude. Why I am free and happy alone and enjoy my free life in a lonely nature. Learn to move mountains alone.

In diesem Blog enthülle ich, weshalb ich Kraft schöpfe im Alleinsein in der Einsamkeit. Warum ich frei und glücklich bin allein und mein freies Leben in der einsamen Natur geniesse. Lerne allein Berge versetzen  … ⇒ read more