Barbara Willen – About me

Barbara Willen – Born and raised in Switzerland

As a real nature-loving woman, I am living today with eight huskies in the woods close to a beautiful little village in Swedish Lapland. Lovely home in a tiny house on wheels, in great nature, with nice villagers and good friends. A charming place I like to share with my guests and love to return to after every trail adventure.

Living with huskies in Finnish Lapland 1996-2008

During winter 1996 I worked as a dog handler and tourist guide on a husky farm in the Finnish Arctic. Educated in marketing I immediately fell in love working with people and huskies. Immediately thrilled with this mission and the Arctic nature I stayed in Northern Finland. Therefore I founded 2003 my own adventure company with various summer and winter activities.

Moving to Swedish Lapland 2008

Later I missed the Swiss Alps and started to guide mountain tours in Sweden and Norway. With the main activities skiing and snowshoeing with huskies furthermore hiking. Since I felt rooted in the north of Sweden I moved in 2008. So, I bought a tourism company and settled in Lapland. Followed by a very intense period with too many hours behind the office table. After selling this later company in 2014 I focused anew on my adventure company. Soon, I restarted working in the Scandinavian mountains. After more than 20 lovely years guiding, I decided 2017 to stop. I completed the last commercial mountain tour in spring of 2018. Today I work part-time, rent my tiny home and keep my living costs low by minimalism.

Loving my simple life at home and on the trail

As an enthusiastic nature- and adventure lover I explored many routes in the world. By foot, skis, bike or huskies. Countless short trips and a few longer ones enriched my life. My Thru-Hikes of the Pacific Crest Trail 2018 and Continental Divide Trail 2021 were life-changing experiences. It rose a new passion. I am loving hiking and it will lead me to many other long hiking trails.

To live my adventurous life outside the box and follow my passion to document it with blogs and videos I am depending on sponsors & partners. Are you interested to be one of my patrons?

Barbara Willen

My favourites… bicycle, dogsled or foot
  • Continental Divide Trail – USA
  • Kingstrail – Sweden
  • Northkalottleden and Sarek – Scandinavia
  • Pacific Crest Trail – USA
  • Mustang and 3 pass trek – Nepal
  • Aconcagua – Chile
  • Patagonia Trail – Chile/Argentina
  • Martial glacier – Tierra del Fuego, Chile
  • Atlas – Morocco
  • GR20 – La Corse, France
  • Alaskan highway – USA
  • Tasmanian Trail – Australia