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Simple Life with Huskies – Blog

In this blog, I give you a glimpse in my life with my Alaskan Huskies. Get to understand how a husky behaves in his pack and why he loves cold winter and snow as much like cool summers. Can you imagine how sled dogs teach simplicity?

I have been working with Alaskan huskies since my emigration to Finland in 1996. I loved my job as a guide on Finn-Jann Husky farm with more than hundred sled dogs. Soon I developed a passion for them. I got my first own husky Remu in 1999.

Three years later the sisters Kimaira and Nemesis joined me. After I moved to Sweden, the group grew up to fifteen dogs in 2013. Then yearly shrank with everyone passing away. During some years in Finland, I raced successfully with an Alaskan husky team in middle distance competitions.

But in the first place, I worked with my Alaskan huskies in tourism. We offered uncommon winter tours in Swedish and Finnish Lapland. Every guest skied or snowshoed behind a luggage pulk, which was pulled by one or two dogs. I stopped with these adventure tours in 2018. Since then I enjoyed my sled dogs only on private adventures. Living with my husky pack fills me with happiness, love and devotion.

Husky pack members – Part three – Max, Gonzo and Honda

October 8th, 2020|

Husky Pack members Max I am a Norwegian guy with a German name. My former caretaker had high goals in long-distance racing. But I couldn´t handle this pressure and developed a hot nature. During most of the training runs, I spent all my energy in the first few dozen kilometres. In Mai 2016, with 14 months, the racing musher

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