Sled dog ori

Husky Pack member


My real name is Orion and I was born 2015 in Norway. Together with my sister Luna, I joined Barbara´s pack in Sweden at the age of two months. We spent very joyful infancy together and still play a lot. I admire my sister, even she is a bitch sometimes. During her heat, I cannot resist her and want to eat her up. Since I love her, I am satisfied with some parts of her fur. Barbara hates me for this. Of course I love running as a lead dog and think I am doing it pretty cool as well. Since a while, I have pain in the back… I hope Barbara figures out soonest, how to treat and handle this pain. People like me, because I am tall and good looking. No, I am not a macho, Barbara calls me often her big baby. 

Husky pack luna

Husky Pack member


Of course, I like my brother Ori very much and enjoy teasing him. And I hope we never get separated and will spend our entire life together. I am not as smart as him, but we run well together in the leading position. He knows what we have to do so I trust him. Nevertheless, I hate him during my heat when he chews on my back fur. Why does he do so??? Barbara mostly misses the moment to separate me from him. Then I have to look ugly until the following fur change.

My black body and blue eyes do scare people even if I would have all my fur. I might look angry but am a happy girl and love humans. Somehow I wished to become the new pack leader after Bianca. But probably my immature behaviour troubled me. Barbara didn´t allow anybody yet to climb the letter and reach this position. If it is not me, I wish it might be my little boy Wini. But I think he has the potential to become a great pack leader. He is smart, decent and already today a perfect leader in the lines. My hope dies last!

Sled dog Simba

Husky Pack member


I am born in 2010 in Finland and lived with Barbara since the age of two months. Unfortunately, I struggle with working since our oldest member and pack leader Bianca died in 2018. We were often running as leaders beside each other. Of course, I miss her. As the actual oldest dude, I should have taken a big responsibility after Bianca. Barbara said that there is no need, but felt it was. Anyway, I wish to stay a strong pack member but decided to play retired most of the time. Still, I love running in the yard and hunt mice. In busy mouse years, it keeps me active all day. Still, Barbara thinks, that I am not moving enough, since I am speaking a lot. But as the highest member in the pack… is it not my duty to comment and translate all happenings?