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Simple Life on Trail – Blog

In my simple life on trail I experience minimalism more than anywhere else. Throw an eye into my hiking blog and follow me on my ultralight thru-hiking and outdoor adventures. Trail life is for me living a simple life at its most.

Limited space and weigh restriction reduce the possessions in life on trail and meet minimalism. Well-chosen equipment with several tasks is the main key.

To live days, weeks and month with such pieces gives me a special touch to them. They are important for the achievement of the trail and cause problems if left behind or broken. Taking care of my outfit satisfies and fills me. I need and love every single piece.

Basic needs like warmth, sleep, food and drink are at for most people in endless amounts available at home. We consume them without conscious and in overflow. Humans cheat themselves on the satisfying and conforming feeling of live maintenance. Demands of materialism, career, personal progress and other success awake.

In nature and outdoors such useless wishes are non-existent. Warmth, sleep, food and drink become essential. These needs are the most important practical matters. I meet them on all my adventures and nature tours. A happy and a deep, satisfying feeling of life occurs.

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