To choose the right tiny house stove is based on many factors. With access to own firewood, wood heating is a good choice. A cabin stove is not only effective but also a feast for the eyes.

Possible heating system

But there are many solutions to heat a tiny home. Everyone has to decide for themselves which heating system is the right one. The limited space excludes large heating systems for most tiny homeowners. Gas, electricity and wood are optimal solutions.
Some reasons why I choose a tiny house wood stove:

My property

The property of my tiny house is at the very tip of a peninsula in Soutujärvi, of which I own around 20 hectares. And a little further from my house, I have another 35 hectares of land.

Composition of my land

The entire property consists of a forest, a bit of swamp and little water. For the growth of the tree population, regular forest maintenance is important. Making firewood goes hand in hand with the upkeep of the forest. Because the trees must not be too close to each other with proper forest care.
My personality
As a nature-loving and exercise-addicted person, I love the work outside on my property. Particularly the work in the forest. It is physically demanding and outdoors. I didn’t know anything about forest care and tree felling at the beginning as the property owner. But because of my great interest in it, I learned.

Sounds, like I should have the solution for my heating system

Since I have access to so much own firewood it should be obvious that I chose a tiny house wood stove. This cabin stove even has to be equipped with hotplates. Anyway, there were some questions and issues:
Heat distribution with a tiny house stove
Rooms with wood heating are usually cooler on the floor and warmer on the heights. Since I have a sleeping loft in my tiny house and do not like to sleep warm, this felt not ideal. But, I found a solution. The sleeping loft must be lockable. So, this problem solved.
But what about my cold feet?
Still, I was thinking about my cold feet. The warmth of a tiny house wood stove rises under the roof, despite the closed loft. 
Finally, I decided to install a floor heating besides to the cabin stove. I wanted the floor heating as well be powered by firewood. After a lot of research, I thought to have found a solution. A cabin stove coupled with water-based floor heating.
The professionals know 
But the builders of my tiny house told me better. Such a hydronic floor heating system cannot withstand sub-zero temperatures well. This was an issue, since I often travel for long periods (even in winter) and would need to empty the floor heating from the water. That seems to be impossible without risks for frost damages. So, this system is unsuitable for me in arctic regions.
The boys as well asked me how I plan cooking on the tiny house wood stove in summertimes. I tried to convince them (and myself) that cooking on the stove is also possible during arctic summer since we never get those warm temperatures.
The decision
I decided on wood heating in combination with electric floor heating. My tiny house wood stove now has two hot plates and a small oven.

Some adjustments needed

Yet, I supplemented the cabin stove with an induction cooking stove. Because I realized that even in polar regions it can get too warm in summer to cook on fire (the boys knew better!). I can only use the oven to warm up meals. And for baking, the tiny house stove has to heat too hard. That turns my little cabin into an unplanned sauna. If necessary, I use now a combined micro/baking oven.


I have lived now with wood heating for more than a year in my tiny house and am completely satisfied with the decision. The electrical floor heating guarantees minimal warmth during my absences. A plus that is very pleasant, especially in winter. And I seldom use the water cooker, microwave oven and induction plate during wintertime.
The tiny house wood stove stands majestic in the middle of my cabin. It is the heart, soul and core of my home. And the thought of simplicity and sustainability fill my body and soul with happiness every day.
If you are interested in my simple life in a tiny house check out my blog!