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Simple Life with a Tiny House – Blog

A blog about my Simple Life with a tiny house in Swedish Lapland. As a real outdoor woman, I spend little time in the house. Most of the time I enjoy nature and wilderness close by or far away. But I love every single time to come back to my rolling small house. I can not imagine my life without my tiny home on wheels. Get an impression of my life and why I am happy by simple living.

In and near my tiny house, I find more with less!

The tiny house on wheels stands on a quiet and idyllic peninsula. Of course surrounded by water, pure nature and forest. From my tiny house, I enjoy sunrises on one lakeshore and sunsets on the other lakeside. The property has private road access and no neighbours. The closest village is six kilometres away. It has almost three hundred inhabitants. From my tiny house on wheels, I reach it by car, bicycle or foot. As a shorter option in the summertime by boat and in the wintertime by skis or snowmachine across the lake. 

In this blog, I write about why minimalism and my tiny house makes me happy in this arctic region. I tell you about the challenges and advantages of my daily life with a tiny house on wheels. My decluttered life in solitude fills me with gratitude and soothing silence.

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