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contains both English and German posts.

In my blog Simple Life being Alone I reveal why I draw strength from in solitude. Why I am free and happy alone and enjoy my free life in a lonely nature. Learn to move mountains alone!

The statements of being alone and lonely are often confused by society. Alone, a positive state that everyone needs. Being lonely is a negative and undesirable feeling. The worst constellation is being lonely in a community. For me, being alone in solitude is the completion and an inexhaustible source of my life force.

I can only be myself alone. If I do not love being alone, I do not love freedom either. Because only happy alone am I free.

Cozumel, Mexico – the stop over on my way to the CDT Trail

May 2nd, 2021|

Cozumel, Mexico - As a european, I am forced to spend 14 days outside of a european country before entering the usa. What was supposed to be a mandatory stopover on the way to my cdt hike turned out to be an unforgettable experience.  Unexpectedly, I got to know the warmth of mexican hospitality up close during my 2 weeks. My airbnb hosts become good friends within a very short time. Traditional mexican kitchen and getting to know their culture enriches my evenings.  I was always fascinated by the ancient culture of the maya. So of course I was delighted to find a modern day maya in the abuelo (grandfather) of the family. I will not be able to resist his invitation to join him on a jungle hunt after my return from the cdt trail. I used the days to complete my distance study and slowly get my body acclimatized to the warmth. A hard task for a winter person like me at 30-35 degrees and highest humidity. In the middle of the day and with as little water as possible, I set off for my walks. But now the time has come that I can hardly hold on any longer. I just want to start hiking. I still have to wait a few days. on monday i need to get the covid test, wednesday i fly to the usa and on friday 7th may finally hit the cdt trail at the southern terminus in the mexican border.

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