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This blog Simple Life being Alone
contains both English and German posts.

In my blog Simple Life being Alone I reveal why I draw strength from in solitude. Why I am free and happy alone and enjoy my free life in a lonely nature. Learn to move mountains alone!

The statements of being alone and lonely are often confused by society. Alone, a positive state that everyone needs. Being lonely is a negative and undesirable feeling. The worst constellation is being lonely in a community. For me, being alone in solitude is the completion and an inexhaustible source of my life force.

I can only be myself alone. If I do not love being alone, I do not love freedom either. Because only happy alone am I free.

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Dieser Blog über Alleinsein
enhält beides deutsche und englische Beiträge

Hier enthülle ich, weshalb ich Kraft schöpfe im Alleinsein in der Einsamkeit. Warum ich frei und glücklich bin allein und mein freies Leben in der einsamen Natur geniesse. Lerne allein Berge zu versetzen!

Die Aussagen allein sein und einsam sein werden oft von der Gesellschaft verwechselt. Alleinsein, ein positiver Zustand der jeder Mensch braucht. Einsam sein ist ein negatives und unerwünschtes Gefühl. Die schlimmste Konstellation ist einsam sein in der Gemeinschaft. Für mich ist glücklich allein sein in der Einsamkeit die Vollendung und eine unerschöpfliche Quelle meiner Lebenskraft.

Mich selber sein kann ich nur allein. Liebe ich das Alleinsein nicht, liebe ich auch die Freiheit nicht. Denn nur glücklich allein sein ist Freihheit.

CDT Trail #9 – Hiking with knee osteoarthritis

June 4th, 2021|

CDT Trail #9 - hiking with knee arthritis is possible. With a strong will even in pain. But of course preferably without. With some additional effort i indeed am now able to hike more or less painfree on the continental divide trail. I still can't fully beleive it, but am happy like a child on christmas eve.  As well i got backy hiker-legs. To get well trained strong legs is a question of miles and patience. Follow me on my painfree CDT trail thruhike! For more updates about my thru-hiking adventure please sign up to my channel!

CDT Trail #8 – Recovery day

June 1st, 2021|

CDT Trail #8 - On my way to Pie Town I meet Ryan biking the CDT. A very interesting and adventurous person. If you want know more about him and his adventures please check out his youtube channel! It is really worth a visit! Finally I want to get rid of my cold. So I need to rest. The best place is in Pie Towns Toaster House with fabulous Nita. As a very charming and warm hearted soul she takes so good care of me and all "her" hikers and bikers.

CDT Trail #7 – Thru-hiking moods

May 30th, 2021|

Thru-hiking moods are sometimes like a rollercoaster. Difficult times and bad moods belong as much to the entire thru-hiking experience like happyness and good moods. Join me for four days on the continental divide trail, from the Gila Canyon to Pie Town. Can you imagine what I mean when I speak about a hikers flow?

CDT Trail #6 – Gila River Crossings

May 26th, 2021|

CDT Trail #6 - Gila River Crossings are waiting in a good number for cdt hikers choosing the gila river alternate. Join me for three days on the continental divide trail from silver city into the  Gila Canyon. River crossing are not always that harmless like the gila. In this video i shortly explain how it SHOULD be done. 

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