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I am a Norwegian guy with a German name. My former caretaker had high goals in long-distance racing. But I couldn´t handle this pressure and developed a hot nature. During most of the training runs, I spent all my energy in the first few dozen kilometres. In Mai 2016, with 14 months, the racing musher dropped me. After that, I had to leave Norway and followed Barbara. And I admire her and our Swedish home.

My pack respects me a lot. Still, my attitude troubles me in the pulling lines. Autumn runs used to be difficult for me. Sometimes, I lose my temper in the start and still work too hard during the first few kilometres. Though, I am getting better with every year. Of course, I love running so much!

Alaskan Huskies

Husky Pack members


Like some others in our pack, I am Norwegian as well. Furthermore, I am from the same kennel in Alta like Max and Honda. Likewise, I joined them in 2016 at the age of ten months. And I am the proud father of our smart baby Raschka, the little bitch who is loved by everyone in the yard.
As a sensitive boy, I need silky female hands. When the amusements in the dog yard become too rough, I prefer backing off. Not to mention, I do not own a high position in the pack. But I love my companions as they like me. Being attached to the gangline I forget my sensitivity. Eager to run I often argue with my buddy aside me. So, I wish to have a part of this self-security in the yard. 
alaskan husky

Husky Pack members


I am the brother of Gonzo. Our background is the same and the characters similar. Probably because we both had a pretty tough childhood in Norway. We all struggle with closeness to humans. As well Max, who is slightly older than Gonzo and me behaves often cold toward humans.

But my fear is more intense than the one of Gonzo or Max. Additionally, I am much scared about new people, situations and unexpected happenings. While time passes, I feel more comfortable every day. As a matter of fact, I alarm Barbara and my pack with loud barking. That seems to be senseless, but I can´t stop it. Alike, my brother, I am a changed nature while working in front of a sledge or training cart. Well known as a hard worker I admire being out on the trail!