How to enjoy simple things in life? With a morning in my tiny house life, I share why I am happy with simple things in my tiny house life. To be able to enjoy the simple things in life is important for our mental wellbeing.

A new day in my tiny house life

Daylight penetrates into my sleeping loft under the roof of my Tiny House on wheels. But my eyelids do not want to face the light. I give them some more time before I open them. And through my little window, I can see that a clear, cold morning is waiting for me. It is mid-March and the days are much longer. A season that gives me a lot of energy. And makes it easy for me to be happy with simple things.

Filled with a new enthusiasm for the waiting day, I climb down from my loft. Luna, one of my sled dog females, greets me with a happy good morning and enjoys the first cuddle. Time to put on the coffee. One of the most important simple things in my tiny house life.

On a cold morning…

My thermometer shows an outside temperature of – 24.5 degrees. This is not uncommon in March in the early morning hours. During the day the sun warms and lets the thermometer rise. The indoor temperature is +15 degrees. I of course do not heat my woodstove at night. 

… I enjoy the presence of my stove

But by now it is time to light a warming fire. A match, birch bark and small wood bring the wooden stove to crackle. Through the stove window, I watch the lambent flames as they swallow the pieces of wood. I enjoy the simple things like fire, flames and the crackling of the wood. I look forward to the warmth that will soon creep up inside me. But still, I appreciate my thick wool sweater very much. 

I follow the exciting play of the flames. All of a sudden the whistling coffee pot snaps me out of my relaxing thoughts. Time for my first cup. I am happy with simple things like coffee and a book on my sofa.

The beauty of the rising sun

The first rays of sunlight are visible on the horizon behind the lake Soutujärvi. One of the simple things in life. But I don’t want to miss this moment. I grab my camera and make my way to the shore together with Luna. Right in time to catch the sun half risen and take a few nice photos. Luna also marvels at the natural spectacle with devotion. Dogs are as well very able to be happy with simple things. 

Dog feeding time 

In my wash house on the shore also hides my “dog kitchen”. I add fresh meat to the already softened dry food and fill up the bucket with warm water completely. When the washhouse door falls into the lock, Simba, the oldest of my eight sled dogs, makes itself felt with a short barking. A greedy little comrade, who enjoys simple things like eating on its most. 

Watching and listening to the dogs eat is very calming. Because I can meet the basic need of my beloved four-legged friends. Simba is making sounds while his snout is deep in the pot. Luna, yet, eats very unfocused, because she does not want to miss the moment to follow me back into the house. 

Today she has to be patient because I first have to bring firewood in. Large blue IKEA bags, known to all, serve this purpose. Also, I must fill my 200 litre water tank in the Tiny House today. A regular duty in tiny house life. Best if I do this right away.

Running water to my Tiny House

To fill up the tank I connect a garden hose to my water supply and connect it to a coupling on the outer wall of my Tiny House. As you can imagine, a somewhat sensitive try in cold temperatures. The water does not freeze as long as it is flowing in the hose.

Yet, in case of complications, or inefficient work, it does freeze immediately. The outside temperatures are borderline today. Even though it is already much warmer than in the early morning, – 12 degrees, filling up is still risky. 

I still dare to do it, as I don’t have a drop left in the pipes in the house. Luckily everything runs because in the meantime every one of my moves sits well. But I am grateful every time I succeed in filling up my water in the Tiny House without incident. 

Full filling daily duties in my tiny house life

The daily routines are done, I indulge in my breakfast.  Porridge with lingonberries, cinnamon and honey tastes great. Luna has settled back on her sheepskin and enjoys the pleasant natural warmth of the stove.  

Starting my day by fulfilling basic needs is the reason why I enjoy the beginning of the days to the fullest. Because I enjoy the simple things in my tiny house life. I cannot live my presence in the here and now better at any hour of the day than in the morning.  

In a world that makes us always be looking for more, it is sometimes not easy to appreciate what we have. Most of us focus on the things we don’t have. Ranging from material things to interpersonal relationships, to beauty. We all have to learn to enjoy the simple things.

Life´s little gifts

We expect big things and miracles, but we forget that life has already given us a whole lot of little gifts. Presents, which other people want but don’t have. People often count the things they don’t have instead of simple things in life they already have. 

What’s it like for you? Have you learned to appreciate what you have or are you still waiting for things to happen? What simple things in life are you paying attention to? 

Most of us focus on and strive for material things that glitter and sparkle from afar. But once we have them, they add nothing to our lives.

Valuing what we have means learning to appreciate the little moments that money can’t buy. We have to learn to be happy with simple things. If we pay a little attention, we discover many little treasures. You may think that these things are so essential that there is no true value in them.

But think again: How many people are there in this world who don’t have simple things in life? Appreciating what we have involves more than being grateful for material things.

A few more simple things in life that make me happy 

Candles in the winter set the atmosphere in my Tiny House. When I make the effort to light a candle, I take care of myself.

There is nothing more fulfilling than watching my huskies chase each other. When my four-legged friends are having fun, my heart smiles. 

It’s soothing to relax and listen to a snowstorm or rain outside. The light rattling or whooshing helps me wind down.

Coming home to my warm home after a training run. Sure, I’m sweaty and sometimes exhausted. But my body is full of endorphins and I enjoy the simple things – being human.

Nature´s influence on us

We also far too rarely take time to experience and appreciate nature. That’s why another important point for me is to be outside every day. Whether it’s on one of my long hikes, taking my dog team out, running, or simple things in life like working in the woods. Most important is that I am outside, moving around and enjoying the freedom. 

In doing so, I try to become more aware of everything around me – the snow flurries and the warming sun in late winter. Or the birds, the blooming flowers, and the crunching of the forest ground under my shoe soles in summer… 

Nature has a calming effect that is unfortunately often forgotten. Moving more in nature will help us all to live here and now better. Happiness lies in natural simplicity. 

Less is more

I am one of those people who prefer to buy fewer things, but better ones. If even necessary to buy it. As for convinced minimalists, doing without is a luxury for me. They are happy with simple things and feel the convenience of them. It’s not a mass movement, but we can’t go on like this for much longer. We all have to learn to do without. If we can’t do it on our own, global development will force us to. Isn’t the pandemic a good example of this?

I prefer to invest it in experiences instead of materialistic things. Adventures and experiences will never get out of age. Through my reduced but fulfilled tiny house life, I experience daily happiness in simplicity and renunciation

No, it is not possible to achieve this kind of life from one day to the next. But everyone can make a start in their own everyday life! Good luck on your own way to the happiness of simplicity. Enjoy the simple things in life!