Husky-pack – Part two – Wini and Raschka

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Husky-Pack member


My mother Luna gave birth to me and four brothers and sisters during Christmas 2016. Barbara was on one of her strange trips while we were produced. Anyway, she was back right in time before we saw the first glimpse of daylight. But I guess Barbara´s plan was not to have two litters at the same

Husky pack – Part one – Ori, Luna and Simba

2020-12-01T06:56:51+00:00October 6th, 2020|

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My real name is Orion and I was born 2015 in Norway. Together with my sister Luna, I joined Barbara´s pack in Sweden at the age of two months. We spent very joyful infancy together and still play a lot. I admire my sister, even she is a bitch sometimes. During her heat, I cannot

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